Monday, April 5, 2010

Make Your Blog As Publisher for Advertisers!

Hey guys... I know you are searching for a good advertising program for your websites and blogs. Yeah, nothing can't level the Prof.Goo one, but there are some alternative ways to resolve your the quest in your head. Here are some good website that provides exactly the same service as Prof.Goo does! Check it out!

1- ClickBank - The name describes everything. You have clicks, then you'll get bank.

2- Exit Junction - Not a familiar name in this industry, but still an excellent program.

3- Chitika - A person named Chitika Robinson created it. Oh don't trust me. I lied.

4- Adbrite - Really a good one. You'll be impressed by your first check.

5- Clicksor - Means, get clicks then you get sponsors.

6- Amazon Affiliate - You are not in the amazon zone anymore, as you can afford what you want to have!

7- Bidvertiser - No need for approvement. And a great money machine!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pay Per Click Malaysia (PPC Malaysia) not a scam!

I am a new in this program. This is the other way on how to earn online money through your blog/website. To all internet surfers out there, this is your chance to create your own empire of PPC, because every clicks and referrals that you make (or purchase) , promise your blog to be a great money generator just in your home.

Don't hesitate to join it! This program is 100% free, just grab one account and you'll see how it works. So it worth it right? Come on, register here, newbie! Register here.

Get To Know Malaysia!

Malaysia is a country that is located in Southeast Asia, placed between Thailand and Singapore, surrounded along with Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar. The majority citizens here in this country is Malay (originated from "Tanah Melayu" , which means Ground of Malay" .

Malaysia is really a peaceful country. The various sort of races here make Malaysia really a great multi-cultural country. Besides Malays, there are Indian, Chinese, Punjabi, even lot of Japanese people living here. Because of these special element, Malaysia always being labeled as unique country. The harmony and strength of the relationship between all those races are unbelievable great, and simply the best example for the countries that facing the problems of racism or something like that.

Malaysian food can be declared as the best food in the world. As the country is a multi-racial country, so the food also "multi-racial" food. The combination of secret recipe from India, China, Japan, Thailand and others, make Malaysian food as great as phenomenal dish for world's king. Maybe the food is not as famous as the name like spaghetti, burger, pizza or anything else, but Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai and Tom Yam really can catch the appetite anyone who tries it. Once you try it, the taste of the food can make you couldn't sleep all the night. It is a really a real deal.

So with this simple introduction about Malaysia, i hope you will come here and visit Malaysia. You will never regret it!

IPad 3G advantages and disadvantages

Today i would like to present the new Mac Ipad 3G advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages are :
-All Mac new features are included with a simple touch
-All function of Microsoft Office can be used here

The disadvantages are :
-People expected that Ipad is the brand-new style laptop, but it's only just like a 'big itouch'
-Difficult to do the typing
-The sound system is not good enough

Maria Ozawa Pictures

credit to google!


Today I would like to tell all of you about my experiences using Nuffnang and Innity as my blog side-income. Many people keep asking me, what is the different between Nuffnang and Innity. There are so many gap between this two advertising site, but both of them have their on advantage and disadavantage.

Its true that Innity can give much income than nuffnang, but Innity is not suitable for the newbie-blogger. For the new-comer, it is better to use Nuffnang ahead of Innity. The newbie-bloggers usually don't have enough traffic, because Innity only approve the website/blog those have 5000 visitors per month. But with Nuffnang, no such thing is required. But if you could pass the requirement and had a chance to use, Innity, just grab it. Innity will give you much income than Nuffnang, and that payment also very consistant everymonth.

But wait, don't forget the advantage of Nuffnang ! With Nuffnang, if you could get the "glitteri status" and you have very good traffic everyday, you will be rewarded the "buffered Earning". You have to check your nuffnang account frequently to acknowlege the reward. And if you get the buffered earning, your income will be boosted fantastically and within a short-period, you can make the bigger number than using Innity.

So it's up to you to choose which one. But I don't recommend to use both Nuffnang and Innity as it will harm the belief given by both companies! =)

Learn From Youtube!

A friend was asking me that without the demonstration of visual or something like videos showing here, he couldn't get the real description about the steps to start making money online. So I do a research about it, and i found a very good example of video in the Youtube. I don't really know the uploader of the video, but it is the nice one.

This is one of the example for the newbie in making money just from home!