Monday, April 5, 2010

Make Your Blog As Publisher for Advertisers!

Hey guys... I know you are searching for a good advertising program for your websites and blogs. Yeah, nothing can't level the Prof.Goo one, but there are some alternative ways to resolve your the quest in your head. Here are some good website that provides exactly the same service as Prof.Goo does! Check it out!

1- ClickBank - The name describes everything. You have clicks, then you'll get bank.

2- Exit Junction - Not a familiar name in this industry, but still an excellent program.

3- Chitika - A person named Chitika Robinson created it. Oh don't trust me. I lied.

4- Adbrite - Really a good one. You'll be impressed by your first check.

5- Clicksor - Means, get clicks then you get sponsors.

6- Amazon Affiliate - You are not in the amazon zone anymore, as you can afford what you want to have!

7- Bidvertiser - No need for approvement. And a great money machine!


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